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Injured Bird or Eggs

If you find eggs

California Raptor Center   530-752-6091    after hours    530-752-1393
Take them to the California Raptor Center on the University California Davis campus
They have the ability to incubate eggs and raise chicks.

If you have an injured burrowing owl, other raptor or bird:

Live injured owl

Do not try to feed!

Catch it: It could hurt you or you could hurt it.
Use heavy leather gloves.  Talons and beak are very sharp and strong. Approach from behind the owl.  Throw a blanket over it. Leave the blanket over it and gently scoop the wings into the body keeping its back toward you and its talons pointed away from you. If you keep its head covered so that it cannot see, it will be easier to handle. Put it in a pet carrier or cardboard box with air holes. Keep quiet.  Do not show the owl to pets or children. Deliver it to the Raptor Center, Davis or neighboring counties listed below.

Yolo County   Davis

California Raptor Center   530-752-6091    after hours    530-752-1393
Deliver it to the Raptor Center. They don’t have the resources to come to collect the owl. 

Sacramento County

Sacramento Wildlife Care Association    916-965-9453

Placer County    Roseville

California Foundation for Birds of Prey    916-773-6049  after hours   916-645-3708

Other California county’s wildlife rehabilitation locations can be found on the Department of Fish and Game’s web site below.