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Burrowing Owl Preservation Society

The 2015 Annual Report and the 2015 Conference Summary are Now available in PDF.


"This male has an injured leg and injured eye. He his defending his burrow and providing for his young....maybe his last breeding season.

Stand up for the Little Guy!"



Many thanks to Jo Ellen, Brian and Gene for reducing the mustard and star thistle in the burrowing owl habitat. Jo Ellen was taking the pics so we didn't didn't get photo documentation of her labors, but she was pulling and digging too!

Volunteers Enhancing Burrowing Owl Habitat
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Loading Utility Carts

Removing mower obstructions

Bird Food

Special thanks to the management of Wildhorse Golf Club for supporting our habitiat enhancement efforts and allowing owls to live at the golf course.
If you’re a golfer, please support Wildhorse!

2014 Yolo County Burrowing Owl
Census Shows 76% Decline

buow-w-squirrel-ag-buffer-11-14-15Friends of the Burrowing Owl, UC Davis and Davis High School students, came together after learning about the results of the 2014 Yolo County burrowing owl census showing  a decline of 76%. Andrea Cruz, Team Captain for the burrow monitoring team assembled at the Wildhorse agriculture buffer on November 14th. Catherine Portman and Dr. Shawn Smallwood guided the field outing.  Catherine set up her spotting scope so the students could get a close look at the only remaining owls on the ag buffer. Most of the students had not seen a burrowing owl in the wild.  Dr. Smallwood explained some characteristics of squirrel burrows. Catherine showed the students owl pellets so they could assess if a burrow had been used by burrowing owls.
FOBO-students-outing-at-ag-buffer-11-14-15“It is commendable that the students are willing to dedicate time in their busy academic schedules to assess burrow availability at the ag buffer.” Catherine said.

Students:  Andrea Cruz;  Jonathan Patzlaff; Emma Juchau; Victoria Kaml; Alex Heyman; Arin Phillips; Torrey/Leo Frederickson; Alyssa Campbell; Rachel Parungao; Gregory Forrest; Max Pacheco; Rebecca Fabbri