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Burrowing Owl Preservation Society

Field Observations Completed
Yolo County Burrowing Owl
Breeding Pair

Wow! What a tremendous effort! There are so many people to thank! After we make a list we’ll acknowledge everybody individually. But, for the moment, I must credit the fantastic efforts of Sandra Menzel, Field Volunteers Coordinator and Ed Whistler, who was extraordinarily helpful in training volunteers, offering his property owners map and providing advice!

We will submit the data to the Institute for Bird Populations who will do the scientific analysis. The Institute will have an estimate of the Yolo County Burrowing Owl population in May 2015.  Very preliminary (we are still waiting for a couple surveyors to submit data) findings are that owls were detected in five blocks—all historic owl blocks. Thirty-seven owls, 20 adults and 17 young, were detected at 15 locations.

We are planning a big party to celebrate with you all! Please email me your party ideas.

Ever grateful!
Catherine Portman